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Flight Arrivals at Flores Airport

There are few choices for ground transportation at Flores Airport in Portugal. There are car rental agencies with offices at the airport. Bus or train service between the airport and the surrounding area must be present. Outside the terminal building, taxis provide a convenient means of transportation.

Local hotels offer door-to-door shuttle service between their properties and Flores Airport. This airport's strategic location near several major tourist spots in Portugal makes it a convenient hub for tourists touring this lovely region of Europe.

Rental Car Services at Flores Airport

Car rental services at Portugal's Flores Airport offer various automobiles to accommodate passengers' demands. There are numerous options, whether you require a minivan for family journeys or an economical automobile for work travels. 

All vehicles come with unlimited mileage, allowing you to effortlessly explore Portugal throughout your stay. In addition, rental automobiles typically offer comprehensive insurance coverage and 24-hour roadside assistance if something unexpected occurs while driving.

Before making a reservation, please read our car rentals section to ensure you get the best bargain by comparing pricing across multiple businesses.

Taxi Services at Flores Airport

Numerous taxis costing approximately €25 will transport you from the airport to Casa Via d'Agua in Faj Grande. See more information about taxis at Flores Airport.

Estimated taxi fares are:

  • From Faj Grande to Lajedo is €25.
  • From Faj Grande to Ponta Delgada is €35.
  • From Santa Cruz Airport to Fajã Grande is €22.

Ferry Services at Flores Airport

From Flores Airport, you can also take a ferry to other sites on the island or even to other islands in the Azores Archipelago. Further details about ferries and ferry services to and from various islands in the Azores Archipelago.

While these boats may not be able to transport you directly from one spot to another, they may get you from one island to another in less time than other kinds of transportation.

Bus Services at Flores Airport

UTC offers a public bus service on the island. At 8:35 AM and 5:50 PM, direct buses go from Santa Cruz das Flores to Faj Grande for around €3 and 45 minutes. There are also services held occasionally during the day. Still, a trip to Lajes das Flores is required for this. More information about buses to and from Flores Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Flores Airport

The shuttles are provided to transport passengers from the airport to their hotel and back again following their stay. There is something for everyone, from luxury vehicles that can accommodate large parties to those with a more private environment for couples. Each shuttle is staffed by knowledgeable individuals who will assist with your luggage and give you useful information about your location.

Visit our hotel page for additional details.

Rideshare Services at Flores Airport

In Portugal, ridesharing services are unavailable at Flores Airport. Please select alternative forms of transportation on the island. Taxi services are accessible at the airport, although they might be pricey and need prepayment.

Optionally, you can rent a car, but you'll need an international driver's license or similar documents. There are various possibilities for public transit, such as buses. Nonetheless, they are slower than other modes of transportation.

Parking Services at Flores Airport

The parking services at Portugal's Flores Airport are dependable and convenient. The airport provides short-term and long-term parking facilities, providing travelers with several alternatives based on their needs.

Access to all other services, including check-in counters, security checkpoints, and stores, is facilitated by the proximity of short-term parking to the terminal building. While distant from the main terminal building, long-term parking is within walking distance.

Costs vary based on the duration of stay and the type of vehicle being parked; therefore, it is advisable to investigate your alternatives before arriving at the airport to obtain the best bargain.

See more information about short and long term parking at Flores Airport.

Other Services at Flores Airport

In addition to currency exchange, duty-free shopping, and car rental services, passengers can access other services and amenities at Portugal's Flores Airport. There is a café in the airport where you can get something to eat and drink before you take off.

In addition, everyone who stays here can use the free Wi-Fi. Passengers can surf the web for free by connecting their laptops or other mobile devices to the network. Those who need to charge their electronics while waiting for flights can do so at any of the numerous outlets located throughout the airport. The airport's cutting-edge facilities will greatly improve the quality and ease of your trip.

Disabled Passengers at Flores Airport

The airport has helpful employees waiting to assist you from when you arrive until you board your flight. Those with mobility issues can request wheelchairs and move around the terminal with ease.

Everyone can use the restrooms and other amenities without hassle because they were built with accessibility in mind. In addition, trained personnel will be available to assist you with any needs at the airport or during your trip.

Wi-Fi at Flores Airport

While waiting for their flights, passengers can take advantage of the airport's many Wi-Fi hotspots spread throughout the terminal. After signing in, users can do whatever they like online, be it shopping, checking their email, or reading the news from around the world. This facilitates travelers' ability to keep tabs on developments on the road.

Baggage Claim at Flores Airport

For your safety, it's best to remember where you parked or if someone is picking you up. Baggage claim areas typically have attendants to assist passengers who have lost their bags or require information about a specific airline's counter.

Before leaving the airport with your bag, verify its contents. Baggage miscommunication at the airport can result in unexpected items mixed in with your own. Watch for signs pointing you in the direction of customs check-in. Foreign travel requires this, and failure to comply could result in costly fines.

Information Desk at Flores Airport

Questions about flights, airport services, getting around the terminal, and more can all be answered here. Let's say you have questions about the airport or need specific information. An information desk would be very helpful in this situation.

Smoking at Flores Airport

No smoking is permitted anywhere inside the terminal or on any flight to or from Flores Airport. The cleanliness of designated smoking areas is essential to providing a pleasant atmosphere for guests who choose not to partake in this activity. Multiple signs around the airport warn passengers not to light up there.

Electronic cigarettes, including in restaurants and bars, are not allowed anywhere inside the airport. Dependent on the severity of the infraction, fines, and other penalties may be imposed on all passengers who smoke in prohibited areas.

Lost and Found Section at Flores Airport

If you lose something while passing through Flores Airport, the Lost and Found service can help you retrieve it. Those who work in Lost and Found have extensive experience and training in their field. Their top priority is always helping people find their lost items again.

Suppose a lost item cannot be located. In that case, the staff will offer advice on how to proceed, which may include filing a claim with the appropriate insurance company. Items left behind by passengers after they've disembarked also supported here. First, passengers should contact their airline, and only then should they fill out a form at the Lost & Found counter in Flores Airport.

Restrooms at Flores Airport

Travelers can quickly and easily accessible restrooms on the ground floor and the airport's upper level. New fixtures and sleek designs in the restrooms make a stop there a pleasant experience for any traveler.

Paper towels are provided next to each sink to further reduce the spread of germs. In addition, plenty of hand sanitizer and soap dispensers are in the airport's restrooms to ensure that passengers can care for their personal hygiene needs.

Nursing Mothers Station at Flores Airport

The station provides a quiet place for nursing mothers to relax, with chairs and electrical outlets. It has a sink for washing bottles and utensils and a cupboard space for diapers and baby food.

The nursing mothers' station makes it simple for mothers to nurse their children in public without worrying about finding a quiet place or bringing multiple bags. This helpful guide will make taking a baby on the road more pleasant for everyone.

ATMs at Flores Airport

Several banks are conveniently located within a short walk of the terminal. They provide services such as ATM withdrawals and currency exchanges to passengers while they wait for their flights. Travelers can get what they need without having to lug around a lot of cash because most restaurants and shops inside Flores Airport accept credit cards and cash payments.

Currency Exchange at Flores Airport

The offered exchange rate is competitive and usually corresponds to the going rate of the local currency in the market. You can use any major credit card to purchase or get cash at the airport. An ATM can be found close to customs for those needing immediate cash access. Flores has many places to exchange your cash for foreign currency, including banks and street-side money changers near the airport.

Food and Beverages at Flores Airport

Cafés serving coffee and snacks are located throughout the building. There is a restaurant about five minutes from the airport for those who want a more substantial meal. Salads, sandwiches, and dishes inspired by local cuisine can be found at this eatery. Beer and soft drinks are among the many alcoholic beverages available.

Shopping at Flores Airport

There is a convenience store where you can pick up some quick snacks and drinks and a souvenir shop to buy postcards, t-shirts, and other tourist trinkets. In addition to fast food and local fare, the terminal is home to several restaurants.

Pet Relief at Flores Airport

Travelers can leave their pets in a safe, secure area away from the main terminal. These sections are close to the major terminals, making them easily accessible to passengers.

Free waste disposal bags are provided at pet relief areas to ensure that animal waste is properly disposed of away from human habitation. The safety of both you and your pet is of the utmost importance while navigating the busy terminals of an airport, so please keep your pet on a leash at all times.

Ticketing Services at Flores Airport

Passengers can quickly and easily arrange their itineraries and purchase airline tickets. Passengers can easily check flight times and prices and purchase tickets promptly, thanks to the airport's multiple online ticketing platforms.

In today's modern airports, customers can buy tickets from smartphones or self-service kiosks. When arriving at Flores Airport, passengers can check in at the designated counters before their flight or at the last minute. Many airlines offer self-service check-in, a feature that allows passengers to save time and avoid long lines at the airport.

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