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Flores Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

The island is serviced by a small regional airport. This means the flights are limited, and not all airlines fly there. Furthermore, rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft do not operate at this location due to the airport's size.

Plan your trip in advance and consider other transportation options for travel to and from Flores Airport. Public transport is available on the island, with buses running through many towns, including Lajes dos Flores.

Taxis can also be easily found outside each terminal at any time of day or night for a more direct journey into town or to your hotel accommodation on arrival. Hotel shuttle services are also available.

Car hire companies operating at Flores Airport provide another option for getting around during your stay; however, it's important to remember that roads can become bumpy when traveling further away from the main streets, so please drive carefully.

Taxi Services at Flores Airport

Several taxis can be arranged at the airport to take you to Casa Via d'Agua in Fajã Grande for around €25.

Approximate taxi fares are:

  • Fajã Grande to Lajedo (end of hiking trail) – €25
  • Fajã Grande to Ponta Delgada (end of hiking trail) – 35€
  • Santa Cruz Airport to Fajã Grande – €22

Rideshare Services at Flores Airport

Rideshare services are not available at Flores Airport in Portugal. Please choose other modes of transport on the island. Taxi services are available at the airport, but they can be expensive and require payment of a fee in advance.

Renting a car is also an option, but you must have an international driver's license or equivalent documentation. There are also public transportation options such as buses. However, these will take longer than other methods of transport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Flores Airport

The shuttles can take guests from the airport to their hotel and transfer them back after their stay. From luxury vehicles that can accommodate large groups or even those with a more intimate setting for couples, there is something for everyone. Each shuttle has experienced staff to assist you with your luggage and provide helpful information about your destination.