Flores Tourist Attractions

Many visitors visit the area for its stunning beaches, cultural festivals, and delicious cuisine. Flores Airport has become a popular destination for those who want to explore the region's unique culture and landscapes, with plenty of opportunities to visit this beautiful corner of Portugal.

Flores is a great place to start when exploring the local area. A small fishing village with cobbled streets lined with colorful houses, it captures the essence of Portuguese life in its traditional restaurants and shops selling locally made goods.

From here, you can take boat trips out into the Atlantic Ocean or enjoy some time on one of the golden sand beaches where you can swim or relax in nature's beauty while admiring breathtaking views across the ocean towards mainland Europe.

Flores offers plenty of activities, including hikes through parks, surfing, diving, or cycling along coastal routes for those looking for something more adventurous than sunbathing by day. For more tourism options in Portugal, please check us out at getyourguide.com.

Terceira: Algar do Carvão Lava Caves Tour

Return to nature at the extraordinary Algar do Carvo lava tube, 12 kilometers from Angra do Heroismo in the caldera of the Guilherme Moniz volcano. In time, a basalt eruption tore a preexisting lava flow, setting in motion the events that would eventually create a two-coned Strombolian volcano.

Learn about the cave's history by looking at its earliest formations, including ferrous deposits and silicate stalactites. Find an exquisite little pond and watch in awe as smoke rises from the earth.

Discover the diverse plant life, which includes species of molds, arthropods, and other groups, and the birds that seek refuge inside the cave.

Furnas: Night Thermal Pools & Food Experience

Visitors worldwide have been flocking to the healing hot springs of Furnas for years, making this tour a must if you want to cross that off your list.

The tour takes place at night when it is quiet and cool enough to fully appreciate the sights and sounds. You'll be picked up from your Ponta del Gada hotel and taken to the famous Poça da Beija thermal pools.

Get ready for the highlight of your trip, which will take place from late afternoon until midnight. You'll stop by a restaurant where natives make their renowned "cozido" before heading to the hot springs (stew).

A Portuguese stew cooked in pots dipped into the floor. It simmered for several hours in volcanic heat and will be a memorable meal.

The Caldeiras das Furnas are a collection of mini-geysers, springs of boiling water and mud, and other geothermal features. Both options include mineral water and local tea made with hot water from the tap.

Ponta Delgada: Private Full or Half-Day 4x4 São Miguel Tour

Take a 4x4 vehicle out for a half or full-day tour of So Miguel and see the sights. You get to set the pace and schedule of your private tour. Craters at Sete Cidades, the quaint village of Furnas, and Lagoa do Fogo await exploration.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel to begin your unforgettable journey. Your driver can accommodate the multiple tour plans you propose on your trip's day. You can explore the lakes, craters, and hot springs in the parishes surrounding Sete Cidades.

You could also visit Furnas, the island's prettiest city. Visit the area around Furnas lake to see fumaroles and hot springs, as well as the beautiful flora and fauna. If you like, stroll through the countryside, and check out the local potters at work.

Explore the natural beauty of Sao Miguel by visiting its two largest lakes, Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo. Take a short hike to a waterfall and along a 4x4 trail. Visit the Caldeiras town of Ribeira Grande, a hotspot for volcanic activity.

Ponta Delgada: Walking Tour with Botanical Garden

Gather with your tour group in the middle of Ponta Delgada at 2:00 p.m. Great background information about Ponta Delgada's history will be provided to set the stage for your upcoming experiences.

Your introduction to Ponta Delgada's multifaceted history will begin at the city's most recognizable landmark, Portas da Cidade. One of the oldest and most significant structures in Sao Sebastiao is the Mother Church.

Then, you'll take it easy as you stroll through the historic district on its charming cobblestone streets. The tour guide, meanwhile, reveals fascinating facts at every turn. Explore Ponta Delgada's hidden gems and find the city's most impressive works of art.

After that, you'll move on to Santana's exquisitely laid-out botanical garden, home to many rare tree species. You can get close to the statue that kicked off Portugal's largest religious procession and into an otherwise off-limits area of the Igreja do Santo Cristo.

Ponta Delgada: Historical Walking Tour

Take in the sights of Ponta Delgada while learning about its fascinating past. Your tour will begin at Portas da Cidade, a city gate built in the 18th century located next to the water.

The town, founded as a fishing village in the 15th century but later pillaged by pirates and corsairs and witnessed many naval wars and battles, is the subject of your tour guide's recollection.

Find out what made this sleepy seaside town appealing to famous poets, sculptors, and politicians. Explore the historic district and its quaint alleyways. Take in the stunning buildings while reading up on the fascinating locals.

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